Exploring the benefits of commercial fire shutters

The Fire and Rescue Services responded to 154,700 fires in only England between April 2014 and March 2015. Although it seems like a big number, this is really a record low since records have been kept. Even while this figure is encouraging, every time a fire destroys a building, homes and businesses are still completely destroyed. In light of this, let’s examine fire safety in commercial buildings and discover why fire shutters are the best line of defense against flames spreading throughout a structure. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at what commercial fire shutters are and why your building needs them. 

What are commercial fire shutters? 

Fire shutters safeguard companies in the case of a fire by halting the spread of the blaze and minimizing its overall effects. They function by compartmentalization, a technique for keeping the fire contained in a single location for as long as feasible. This gives Fire and Rescue personnel the most time possible to contain and put out the fire. 

Businesses often need to install fire shutters in order to comply with building codes and complete commercial risk assessments. Their high degree of security and possibility for lower insurance costs are further advantages. Fire shutters may be installed anywhere in a structure, although they are most effective in garages for cars, gas storage facilities, and kitchens (particularly those that employ deep-fat fryers). 

What are the benefits of commercial fire shutters? 

Firewall barriers are strengthened with fire-resistant doors

On a building’s external walls, a rolling fire door may be employed. When utilized in combination with internal firewalls, fire barriers, and smoke barrier walls, these coiling doors perform best. It enhances fire containment since it is made to match the rating of the wall in which it is put. Additionally, until firemen get on the site, activated systems are able to put out the fire. 

They are designed to automatically shut

Any problem could go unnoticed until it poses a serious danger to your life. Roll-up fire-resistant doors will instantly shut after being triggered by thermal or electrical devices. There is little or no need for human intervention. For instance, if a smoke alarm sounds on one side of your warehouse, the doors would immediately shut to put out the fire or smoke. 

Compared to standard service doors, they are built of stronger materials

Steel is the finest material for commercial and industrial fire doors because it resists temperature transfer. They have a fire rating to guarantee that they keep out heat, flames, fumes, and burning items. In addition to continuing to be able to sustain weights, they must also be able to withstand significant impact and erosion brought on by debris. 

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They must undergo stringent checks thereafter

When a piece of equipment’s proper operation might save lives, regular inspections and maintenance are essential. Every year, your rolling fire doors must pass follow-up inspections that include drop testing, visual, and operational testing. 

They come with manufacturer replacement warranties 

Any time a component of the coiling door is broken or missing, it has to be replaced with original equipment manufacturer components. That is, certain components are unavailable at your neighborhood hardware store. The objective is to keep your door functioning as it did when it was first tested.

Final words

Now you have a clear picture on why you need to get commercial fire shutters installed in your commercial property. This is where you should work along with a professional supplier such as A1S Group and get all the commercial fire shutters you need for installation. 

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