Jeet11 Review – Is Jeet11 a Legal Fantasy Cricket App?

Is Jeet11 a legal fantasy cricket app? This app is free to download and has a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs100. The app features quizzes and contests that you can enter to win real cash prizes. And best of all, it’s completely legal. So, if you’re a cricket fanatic but want to make your money work for you, check out this review of Jeet11 today!

Jeet11 is a legal fantasy cricket app

In order to join a Jeet11 contest, you must first sign up with the app and make sure that you’re not playing against a friend. Then, choose a team and select a wicket-keeper. You can then choose five or six batsmen and two or three all-rounders. After choosing your players, you can select their teams by selecting their strengths, weaknesses, and match conditions. Once you have your team, you can then join any paid contest.

To play, you can select up to seven players for each team. If you win, the points you’ve earned for your team will automatically be deposited into your Jeet11 wallet. For transactions over Rs. 10,000, you’ll need to provide your bank details. If you win, you’ll receive an email stating that you’ve won a game. Your winnings will appear in your account within a few hours.

It is free to download

To begin playing Jeet11, you will need to sign up. Signing up will require your name and mobile number. Once you’ve agreed to their terms and conditions, you will receive an OTP to confirm your identity. After that, you can play games and win cash prizes. You can also choose your preferred language and select support if needed. In addition, you can play in your native language. The best part is that Jeet11 is free to download.

To use the game, you must be at least 18 years old and live in one of the participating states. Luckily, it’s available free of charge in these states and other countries, and the app is completely legal. You must be over 18 years of age to download Jeet11, but you can also sign up for it using an email subscription. To sign up for free, visit the official website and sign up.

It has a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs100

To withdraw your winnings from Jeet11, you need to have a minimum of Rs100 in your account. If you win more than Rs100, you can add more money to your account. You can also use your sign-up bonus to make your deposit. Once you have deposited money into your account, your winnings will appear in the winnings section of the Jeet 11 app.

Jeet11 also offers free entry into mega and giant contests. In these contests, the entry fee is refunded to you. If you win immunity cards, your entry fee will be returned. In addition, you can use your deposit balance to enter paid contests. In case you win, you can withdraw your winnings at any time. But, be sure to check the terms and conditions of each contest before committing to it.

It has quizzes and contests

It has quizzes and contests, a powerful mix for enticing followers and driving business. Unlike traditional advertising, social media contests encourage people to share and participate, giving you the opportunity to gain new followers. Using the Typeform quiz maker, you can design thank you screens for different responses and quiz results. You can also create different messages for different responses. This way, your followers will feel appreciated, and you will have less intrusive advertising.

It allows you to create a team of 7 players

Jeet11 is a mobile app that lets you create a team of 11 players based on real matches. You will be given a sign-up bonus of Rs. 10 to get started, and you can use this to participate in contests or redeem rewards straight to your bank account. The first time you refer someone, you will earn Rs. 100, and they will receive an Immunity card as well.

Final Words:

If you refer a friend, you will receive an additional Rs. 100 as a sign-up bonus. You can then use the referral code to earn another Rs. 100 for each successful referral. Additionally, you will earn 3% of the person’s deposits. You can also play the games to earn additional bonuses. Once you’ve signed up, check out the available matches to see who’s playing and who’s not.


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