6 Ideas to Help You Choose the Best Bedroom Rugs

6 Ideas to Help You Choose the Best Bedroom Rugs

The bedroom is an essential room in our house which provides comfort and relaxation. Therefore, it needs to be decorated so that it brings warmth and gives a peaceful vibe. Ever experienced the cold floor when you roll out of bed in the process of getting up to start a new day? Well, then you certainly need to place a rug to give your toes a touch of warmth and softness to avoid the challenge of the cold floor. Rugs bring texture, warmth, and comfort to any room or area, so it is best to use them as a piece of decoration anywhere in the house. Also, the way we decorate our home defines our personality and style. Bedrooms are one of the places at our home that calls for rugs like a piece of attraction that provides the texture and comfort that the room desires. This article will look closely into the five ideas that will help you choose the best bedroom rugs. 

1. Choose the perfect size: 

Size is the most critical factor that we need to consider when buying the bedroom rugs. If your bedroom is small, choose a larger rug to make the room look visually more prominent. However, A large room can use a large rug or even two rugs to provide sections to the room. For instance, we can place a massive rug beneath the bed that would cover the entire area from the bed, and We could place the second rug at the corner where we can create a small sitting area with chairs and tables that could be sectioned by using a rug over that area.  

2. Placement of the rug in the bedroom: 

Placing a rug in the right place is the most crucial part. Most people just buy a bedroom rug and place it where they find its space. A rug should provide harmony to the place, and create connection; one must study the whole area. Knowing where the rug fits better is vital to make the room outshine. 

Under the dresser:

Rugs under the dresser provide a charming effect to the room. It is the best way to fill up a large bedroom. Most importantly, the rug should cover all four legs of the dresser. 

At the end of the bed:

Placing rugs at the end of the bed is the most common way to decorate a bedroom. It provides texture to the floor of the bedroom. We need to make sure that the bed’s foot is 2 inches under the rug as it is the right way to place it. 

Beneath the bed:

Another most common way to place a rug is to put it under the bed. Placing a rug beneath the bed saves the bed from damaging the floor. It also provides an aesthetic effect to the room. Most Rugsunder the bed are suitable for large rooms. 

At the side of the bed:

A unique way to design a bedroom is to place the rug on the side of the bed. It is best for bringing warmth to the room when the area is spacier. It is best for bigger rooms as we can cover both sides of the bed with rugs. However, if the room is small and the bed is close to the wall, then placing a rug in-between space would make the rug a focal point and make your room look bigger. 

3. Choose the perfect shape for your bedroom:

Shapes play a significant role in making or breaking the entire look of the room. Using a shape that complements the interior of the room is the goal of every designer. However, designing a room requires knowledge about the shapes that would go well with your room. A round-shaped rug would make your small room look bigger. Also, a rectangular shape would be perfect for a bigger space. You can also use shapes according to your vibe; if you want to choose the best bedroom rugs, funky look, go for shapes like triangle, oval, cloud shape, and even a heart-shaped rug. 

4. Select the best material for your bedroom:

A perfect material provides a comforting touch to our room. A bedroom is a place where we seek refuge after a long tiring day, so it is essential to have good quality material to provide the texture that our room needs. Sisal rugs are substantially used rugs that are perfect ideas for bedrooms. It gives a thin and bumpy texture to the room, and also, these are easier to clean. Polypropylene and wool area rugs are durable and stain-resistant rugs that are the best option for children’s bedrooms. Furthermore, if you want bright-colored rugs, then Nylon, cotton, and polyester rugs are perfect as the colors don’t fade away quickly, and these are also inexpensive. 

5. Choose the colors that match the theme:

Colors bind the room together. Choosing the colors that match the theme of your bedroom is a difficult task. Using light-colored rugs is best for matching them with dark walls. However, the bed linen should complement the color of the rugs. Also, using a dark-colored rug with light-colored walls provides a sleek look to your room. Never use a color that overpowers or underpowered the room. Always use colors that complement one another that helps you choose the best bedroom rugs. 

6. Use rug pads:

Lastly, you need to buy a rug pad. Rug pads are placed under the rugs to provide grip and friction. It is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a bedroom rug as it prevents accidents. However, it also offers a smooth texture for your rug and gives a soft surface to your feet when you wake up from the comfortable bed; you won’t be disappointed by stepping into a padded rug, which would be a great start to your day. 


Bedrooms should provide comfort and warmth to us. We should decorate it according to our taste and preferences as it reflects our personality. A bedroom with a perfect rug provides a soothing ambiance. We hope these ideas help you find an ideal area rug for your bedroom. To look for the best rugs, visit RugKnots. They have every rug design perfect for your home and to choose the best bedroom rugs. 

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