Can Panchang Calendar Provides The Best Muhurat For Any Occasion

Swabhiman always keeps a panchang calendar with him to know the important dates and events. He also believes in fasting thrice a month. Which can increase digestion power and bring harmony to a person’s mind. Swabhiman has been keeping a close eye on the important dates of Indian history to miss out on any event or occasion. They believe that the calendar helps him to become punctual and positive in his daily life.

Today, the Hindu calendar, or panchang calendar, is only used to determine Hindu holidays and when to fast. 

Besides, everyone uses the Gregorian calendar for all kinds of other reasons. Although the Gregorian calendar has been adopted worldwide, there are some advantages of the Hindu calendar that we must abandon. In this article, we have been highlighted these benefits. This is a modified version of the calendar introduced by Julius Caesar, who based his calendar on the ancient Egyptian calendar. This is a calendar-based entirely on the solar cycle without considering the lunar cycle. Here are the two main obstacles I have with this calendar. 

First, it is very difficult to determine the date of a particular day just by looking at something in the sky. Second, months in the Gregorian calendar have a different number of days. This increases the complexity, for example, if you are paid monthly. In the end, you end up doing a different amount of work for the same payment each month. Or it is difficult to compare monthly sales for companies due to the different number of days.

Panchang calendars are developed from the traditional Hindu calendars, and they show dates of holidays and the time date to fast

Does the panchang calendar offer a clear advantage over the Christian calendar in dealing with this problem? Well, before I tell you, let me explain how the Hindu calendar works because I think many of you probably don’t even know how the Hindu calendar works. The Hindu calendar combines the lunar and solar calendars with months based on the Chandra cycle. If you look up at the sky, you will see that the moon changes shape from a new moon through a full moon back to a new moon, and so on. If you observe this cycle, you will find that it takes 29.53 days to complete your lunar cycle. In the Hindu calendar, there is a month corresponding to this lunar cycle.

In other words, the size of the moon is always the same in the Hindu calendar, in contrast to the changing size of the moon in the Gregorian calendar. This removes the confusion with the size of the moon we are dealing with today. In today’s world and age when we have smartwatches and cell phones, it’s easy to look at the phone and set the date, but in the past, when these things weren’t there, think about convenience, that’s all. 

We have to ask that if Hindus used the lunar cycle for one month, 12 months would be 354.36 days, while it takes 365.26 days to orbit the sun. This results in a deviation of 10.9 days per year. Such a difference would completely reverse the meteorological cycle in 15 years. 

Panchang calendar can give you an idea on tithi that bestows wealth knowledge in people and make you successful in your life

Hindus knew that 62 solar months were equal to 64 lunar months. The Hindu calendar added an additional month to the calendar every 31 months. Such a month is called Malamasa. It is derived from the word mal. This means that dirt sticks to our hands. So this month is an additional time! when the solar cycle takes over the lunar cycle. Instead of adding a day to a leap year, the Hindu calendar adds an extra month in between. 

So if we compare the Gregorian calendar with the Hindu calendar, we can say that the Gregorian calendar is more accurate in terms of seasonal representation but awkward to use without modern tools. In contrast, the online panchang is not as accurate in terms of time. Accurate cycle but very convenient to use. Nowadays, with our technology, it is easier to adhere to the Gregorian calendar. Still, if, for some reason, we are stuck on an island without modern tools, the Hindu calendar is more useful. The Panchang calendar may have been reduced primarily to specify only the dates of Hindu festivals and when to observe fasting, meaning it cannot be reduced. 

First, the fortune-teller opens the panchang calendar 2021, followed by mathematical calculations and verification of peas’ dangerous and favorable positions (planets). For the benefit of ordinary people who do not have proper knowledge of this system, astrologers have developed panchang calendars based on their knowledge of arithmetic calculations. The average person does not need to understand drik panchang fully.

Still, for a systematic and smooth flow of life, it is necessary to know at least what the five “angas” or components called paletas contribute to its formation

  • Titi: “Date” is considered as the first phase or part (Kala) of the 16 phases of the moon
  • Nakshatra: 27 groups of stars (constellations) define it
  • Yoga: They number 27 and are based on combinations
  • Karan: You can move or not move, and you are half part of Titi
  • Baar: Seven days a week

Checking the panchang calendar has been a tradition for most Hindus, and you can find one in everyone’s home

Above all, this free panchang helps to find a good or unfavorable day or date, since the start of an important job or undertaking at any given point in time can make the difference between successful performance and a bottleneck which, according to a tried and tested system, causes performance barriers. Planetary positions and various permutations come together to make such a decision. 

The scriptures say that reading and hearing the date gives grace to Maa Lakshmi. What the data means and what date to do or not, it is useful to know. The date is 30. According to the panchang calendar, the counseling age increases by reading and listening to the Var. What the significance of war is and at what point in time, what work should or should not be done makes sense. There are seven heads. Reading and listening to the Nakshatra removes sins. What does nakshatra mean, and on what date, what work should or should not be done that is useful?

There are 27 constellations. Reading and listening to a panchang in Hindi gives love to loved ones and is inseparable from them. What is the importance of yoga (cheap and not profitable) and knowing which tasks should or should not be done, on what date you will benefit from it? The yogis are also 27 years old. All kinds of wishes are granted by listening and listening to Karan. What is the meaning of Karan and knowing which date should or should not be made is helpful. Karan is at 11. 


Comparisons show that the Gregorian calendar may be more accurate in terms of seasonal representation. Still, the panchang calendar covers more landmass and is certainly defined in its composition to offer a scientific reference method. It is said that reading and listening to this almanac is considered very auspicious. It is also believed that Lord Sri Ram listened to the Almanac.

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