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Easily Export Dream Mail File to Outlook With Converter

Today’s technology is continually growing in order to improve security and automation. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to switch from one email client to another. As a result, users must migrate their existing emails to Outlook. For this, the user must convert old data into the.pst file format, which is compatible with Outlook. If you’re using an email program that saves data in the.eml format. Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and other email clients are examples. Then you’ll need a program to convert the Dream Mail file to Outlook. I’ll go over the features of DataHelp EML to PST Converter here to make it easier for you.

Microsoft Outlook comes in a variety of versions, including Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and others. As a result, people are looking for the best solution that can be used with any version. You can use EML to PST Converter to get over this constraint. The utility will generate a Unicode PST file that is compatible with all Microsoft Outlook versions.

DataHelp Presents Dream Mail File to Outlook Conversion

This EML to Microsoft Outlook Converter software is designed to show a preview of email messages with features such as normal view, hex view, properties view, attachment view, and so on. This software allows users to effortlessly convert EML to PST format, including attachments. Furthermore, formatting is preserved when converting EML to Microsoft Outlook PST format. In addition, when converting EML files to Microsoft Outlook PST format, the software keeps the folder structure intact. Furthermore, a user can choose essential emails and execute selective file transfer from EML to Microsoft Outlook while converting several EML files.

  • Convert an EML file to a PST file. Converting Microsoft EML to Outlook
  • Before converting to Microsoft Outlook PST format, preview the EML file with attributes.
  • Support for unrestricted export of chosen EML files to pst format.
  • Microsoft EML to PST Converter preserves the original folder hierarchy in the resulting pst file.
  • The Microsoft EML to PST converter immediately loads the EML file as Initialized.
  • Splitting the resultant Microsoft Outlook PST file into numerous files is an option.
  • The SMTP header is preserved when converting an EML file to Microsoft Outlook.

EML To PST Converter Software Key Features

Batch EML to Outlook export: – Multiple EML files can be exported into Outlook using the Microsoft EML to PST Converter Tool. You must choose a folder for batch converting. In the destination file, the utility preserves the original folder hierarchy. All embedded attachments will be exported as well.

Load EML File & Folder Automatically: – As you begin the process of importing an EML file into Microsoft Outlook Importer Software on your computer. All EML folders will be immediately listed in the software’s left panel. In the right panel of software, you can explore any folder and view EML files. It also counts the number of loaded EML files.

EML Files Can Be Viewed in a Variety of Ways: – All EML attributes are displayed instantly in the Microsoft EML to PST Converter. A list of all attributes, such as HEX view, MIME view, RTF view, Messages Header view, and so on, may be found. The software panel’s bottom. Simply click on the required field to view it.

EML File Attachments May Be Viewed Separately: – The user can view the attachments to the appropriate EML files. Select the email first, then click the Attachments option at the bottom of the software window. The EML to Microsoft Outlook Converter Software allows you to export attachments in addition to EML files.

Transfer program screens from horizontal to vertical or vice versa by changing the view mode. You can change the screen view of the EML to the PST converter program. Switch view from the top of the software window to change the view mode, then transfer Outlook Express mailbox to Outlook.

EML To PST Converter Software In Various Versions

– Demo Version The software comes with a free trial version that consumers may try out before purchasing it. This edition will help users better grasp how the product works. All that requires to download and run the program on the Microsoft Windows operating system. The demo edition of the EML to Microsoft Outlook converter, on the other hand, has several limitations, such as the ability to convert only 25 EML files per folder.

– Full Version A user can purchase the complete edition of this software from the official website after achieving the desired result using it. There are no restrictions in the licensed version of the tool. One can convert EML files to Microsoft Outlook PST format with full access to the utility. It also allows users to split the resulting PST file by size. As a result, EML Messages can readily import into Microsoft Outlook.


  1. EML files will automatically load by the software.
  2. All email clients are supportable.
  3. EML documents
  4. Convert a large number of EML files to Microsoft Outlook PST format.
  5. In the preview screen, you may see the complete email before converting it.


  1. Corrupt EML files cannot convert to Microsoft Outlook PST format.

The verdict at the End

Because of this excellent program, converting EML messages to Microsoft Outlook has become simple. Users can convert numerous Dream mail file to Outlook with this program. We have given this application a 4.8 out of 5 rating after analyzing all of the software’s features. In a nutshell, this is a fantastic program for converting EML files to Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

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