Investigating Technology’s Role in Making People Feel More Isolated

Can you think of a day without browsing the internet? Or a day when you will keep your phone aside and spend time doing something else? It is impossible to think of days without the internet or phone. Technology has taken centre stage presently. People around the globe are entirely dependent on technology. Even students for studies use internet and search assignment help online. You will not find a single person who has been introduced to the various technological aspects. So, do you think technology has made your life easy? Or is it the other way round? Do you miss talking to your son or daughter or spending some quality time with your family? Who do you blame? Them or technology? The blog will look into the aspects that have made technology a harmful element.

Let’s understand if you can blame technology for making people feel more isolated.

The Emergence of Social-Media: Boon or Bane for the Young Generation

Technology is not restricted to work or studies. It has spread its wings and has reached everyone’s private space. Not being on social media platforms is a crime in the present world. You must have a social media profile and connect with people to go with the trend. But has it been of any help for the young generation? Let’s understand the same.

A study has claimed that 48% of the respondents had only one actual friend compared to a similar study made 25 years ago. You can understand the difference. Social media might bring the world closer but finding a friend is not possible through these platforms. The numbers are alarming even after being more connected to people than ever before. Social media has not helped in coping with loneliness.

Another study shows that people get more concerned and depressed about their personal life when they look into others’ posts on social media handles. They exhibit negative traits and are unable to accept the harsh reality. People are trying to match up to the things they see on social media and are becoming self-centred due to the same. You will never accept the reality if you continue to spend too much time on social media.

Technology has given a boost to the world. You might not have to spend too much time finding some information. But you have to understand and use technology wisely. Social media is an important phenomenon, but how you use it can make all the difference. Social media has made everyone self-centred and separated them from others. Getting glued to social media has made people more isolated.

It is essential to understand that technology has a significant role in the overall process. Social media is a major part of technology and has an adverse effect on people worldwide. The young generation is more vulnerable to this and is prone to face the negative effects of technology.

Now, let’s look into some more aspects where technology has a significant role and relate it to the fact being discussed.

Education and Technology: Is it Good for the Future Generation?

Online education has been around for a long time. But with the onset of the pandemic, online education has become the only way to continue the process. So, has it helped? Of course, it did help in continuing the process, but it has made students more inclined to use technology. You can understand that online education has made them more attracted to technology and made them even more self-centred.

The offline classes allowed them to interact with others and achieve a certain goal. Today, you might not think of taking help from others to learn a lesson. You can browse through the internet and get all your answers. The problem is not finding the answers on the internet; the problem is sharing the same solution with people asking for help. Your classmate might call you for help with a certain lesson. You will invariably refer the way you used to get the answers.

Education is essential, but it is not restricted to books. You need to understand the value of education and learn many things along with the lessons. It is essential to know the correct use of technology. Online education and the use of technology in various educational aspects have made students more isolated. You have all the information to pass your exams on your fingertips, so why do you care to socialise?

It will not be easy for people entirely dependent on technology. You need to understand and learn the importance of being well educated. Technology can help you overcome some hurdles, but it will not help you socialise in the true sense. You must understand the essence of every aspect of life and prepare yourself for the future. Hence, use technology wisely.

To end with,

It is easy to blame the various technological interventions for people becoming more isolated. But is it always about technology? Is it not also about people? You might say if social media or various technology never existed, people would not have become lonely. That is true, but everyone using the various forms of technology must do so responsibly. They need to understand the significance of the aspects and use them wisely. In today’s world, you cannot neglect using technology. It is essential to filter out the correct uses of technology and use them accordingly.

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