How to Hire the Right People for Your Business?

The brain behind Apple, Steve Jobs, once said, “The secret to my success is that we did our best to recruit the best people in the world.” The CEO of any successful business will tell you the exact same story. It’s a fact that the right employees are the key to the success of the company. Therefore, talent acquisition managers need to perform employee background verification, and choose qualified candidates, with a lot of considerations. In this article, we will share some key points HR managers should pay attention to while recruiting candidates.


Search for an applicant who meets the prerequisite of the job position


Start with making a clear list of the characteristics required for each specific position. It is just a waste of time to give responsibility to people who lack the necessary qualities for successfully completing the job. 


  • Search for an employee with the necessary values and abilities required to complete a job successfully


Abilities are the power to do things well, which also includes thinking and behaving. Some people tend to quickly learn and process information, while others see the same problem at a much higher level. Some like to emphasize on details, while others like to think outside the box or logically or possess organizational talent.


Skills are the expertise or talent needed to perform a job. They are acquired tools, such as the ability to communicate in a foreign language or the ability to program computer applications. 


Both skills and abilities are certainly necessary but selecting an employee just based on these criteria can easily turn counterproductive. 


In the present corporate environment, it is essential to assess the conformity of an applicant’s value with the company’s corporate culture. Teams comprising people with a shared view on business, results, approaches to work, and common goals are the most powerful and productive. 


  • Develop a process of finding the right candidates systematically and scientifically. 


Generally, the recruitment process starts with talent acquisition managers evaluating candidates’ resumes based on random criteria, then during the interview phase, a group of randomly selected employees asks random questions and decides whom to choose, depending on how much they liked or disliked the candidate. 


For a successful business, making these stages more systematic and meaningful is necessary. For example, consider questions HR managers ask candidates and how the answers they receive differ from each other in important ways for business. 


There are various tools at your disposal to help you make smarter hiring decision:


  • Tests and questionnaires to determine the abilities and personal qualities of the candidate.
  • Tests to check the knowledge and skills in specific areas.
  • Phone and skype interviews.
  • Role-playing games that allow you to check the work of candidates in a team.
  • Standard interview. With the help of a simple interview, you can learn more about the motivation of the candidate and their work experience, find out how well they understand the industry and organization, assess the applicant’s behavior of the candidate, and so on. 
  • Employee background check. With the help of BGV, you can learn more about the candidate in detail and verify all the information they provided in their resume. 


  • Note: the employee and the job position must be synonyms with each other. 


Firstly, identify the responsibilities and qualities needed to complete a job successfully. Then check if an applicant possesses these qualities. If everything matches with each other, you can almost hear a click, signaling that the puzzle is complete and the candidate is fully qualified for the role. 


Search for brilliant employees, not just professionals


Many people are hired for the reason that they fit the job requirements. For example, if you are searching for a plumber, it’s tempting to hire the first experienced plumber you interview and not assess whether he has the necessary qualities of a first-class plumber in the field.


However, the difference between a regular plumber and a first-class plumber is substantial. 


While looking at an applicant’s work experience, you should determine whether they have showcased their ability in any way. If you find any plausible reason to disapprove candidates, you should refrain from hiring them.


Be mindful to the mindset of the candidate


In some cases, a certain type of thinking will help achieve goals, and in others, it hinders. Always remember this while choosing employees. 


For example, it is non-productive to hire an introverted person as a sales representative. There are chances that he will cope with this kind of work. However, for a friendly person, such a thing will bring more emotional satisfaction, and most probably, he will love his job. 


Focus on past achievements


Generally, candidates arrive from different places before they come to apply for a job position in your company. Also, they must have left their “imprints” in several places. If you have an employee background verification in place, this thing can help you learn a lot about the candidate. 


As a responsible hiring manager, you should check if the candidate has really achieved something in the area where you expect results from. Also, do not believe everything a candidate tells you regarding their professional achievements. Hiring managers can communicate with previous colleagues who are already familiar with the candidate. Study documentary evidence, and ask for feedback from former managers as well as subordinates. 


How many years has the candidate worked in the same domain? Has he been successful with the responsibilities assigned to him? If not, you should avoid hiring such candidates and continue searching for the deserving candidate. 


Such a thing doesn’t mean you should refrain yourself from trying new things. However, it must be performed with reasonable precautions. That is, an experienced employee should supervise the beginner. 


Also, it is recommended to perform employee background verification on all potential candidates since this can help you find an honest and reliable candidate as well as weed out undeserving candidates. 


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