How to Run Video Marketing for Fashion on a Budget

How to Run Video Marketing for Fashion on a Budget

Video Marketing has become an essential part of the digital marketing era. Videos give a better understanding of your product, leave a lasting effect, and have a higher rate of conversions than static posts. Brands have reported that their traffic and engagement rate has almost gone up by 80% using the mode of video marketing. In fashion, the competition in online marketing and creativity is already fierce.

Especially as a start-up, it can be daunting even to market your merchandise with the staggering costs of designing and manufacturing. So every penny you spend in the initial stages has to be used very wisely, or your product might get lost among the millions of online fashion products with which the Internet is saturated.

Video marketing helps one to stand out from the crowd and also helps the audience have a better understanding of the product. In fashion, videos prove to be extremely useful for they help their potential customers comprehend the overall fit of the product. It also gives the brand a space to experiment with its creativity.

Advantages of Video Marketing 

When it comes to fashion, it all comes down to the vibe of the product. Videos allow you to establish your brand vibe and increase your brand awareness while engaging with the audience. Most importantly, videos have a great conversion rate, as we have already established before. 

Videos are easy to share, giving your brand an edge over others, particularly on social media platforms. Video ads have been pretty effective in attracting and targeting potential customers, particularly during sales or the launch of new collections. 

Moreover, as the content creation economy has boomed up significantly, people spend a lot of time on social media platforms creating and consuming content.  

Factors to take into consideration for video marketing  


While creating your brand, you must have thought of what your brand stands for, its values, the audience it wants to cater to, the tonality, etc. Your videos should be able to create an aesthetic that answers all the above questions to a considerable extent. 

Social Media 

Social media can be a potent tool if you have clarity regarding the questions mentioned in the above paragraph. Social media is one of the powerful mediums that determine a brand’s success. Once you understand the tonality and demographics, you can utilise the various tools in these platforms to promote your apparel. For example, if your brand is young, vibrant and peppy, Instagram would be the ideal space to market your products. If your brand caters to a middle-aged audience, Facebook pages and groups might prove beneficial. If your brand sells contemporary jewellery, social media gives you the option to target an audience with similar interests. 

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Fashion combined with introspection can be highly influential. That is why a considerable amount of money gets splashed upon fashion shoots and models. But this excessive expenditure might not suit you, especially as a brand just starting out. So, you can take inspiration from your daily activities and combine them with your products. For example, if you are a line that excels in streetwear, you can hire someone from your office and click them around the streets. This excites and inspires the audience, who can then imagine themselves walking around the road wearing the same products. 

You can also post videos of your team, office, manufacturing process, etc. to build a personal connection with the audience. Also, do not forget to edit videos to make them even more attractive and appealing. A lot of paid as well as free video editing tools are available in the market to help you do that.


Customer testimonials go a long way in establishing trust and goodwill between you and your audience. It builds credibility and also promotes your brand without doing much. In online markets, customers don’t have the option to feel the fabric, try on the clothes, and compare how different merchandise looks before purchasing. Hence, customer reviews are vital. You can incentivise your customers to post their experience with your brand or share their testimonials by giving them discounts, special offers, etc.

How to enhance the visual experience for the audience 


Music can make or break the vibe of a video. It is one of the most essential elements of a shoot. Music decides the mood of an ad. It also helps in understanding the brand essence. Hence, it is essential to choose the right music for your video. 


The text on the video goes a long way in retaining the audience’s attention. The text should be crisp and short, and the color palette and text size should be in sync with the video’s content. For example, if you create an ad for sale, the text size is generally more prominent than usual. 

Stock Images and Videos 

The Internet is filled with a library of images and videos waiting to be used. High-quality stock videos can be used by anyone for their purpose and lower your production cost. It won’t be showcasing your products, but you can combine real-life pictures and videos with the stock footage for an enhanced experience.


Video Marketing provides its creators with a wide variety of tools at their disposal which can be used to make sure that your brand is heard. Brands can experiment with new strategies, brainstorm ideas, and consistently find innovative ways of marketing their products consistent with your brand vision. As long as the creative pool consistently strives hard and puts videos out there, your brand’s chances of success are enormous.

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