The endless options for women's western hats will actually surprise you

The endless options for women’s western hats will actually surprise you

This accessory has always been a symbol of distinction, class and modernity. Today it is still like that. Who wears a hats exudes personality and elegance. Do you want to know more about this clothing accessory? Do not worry. Let us brief you on this.

Know the types of hats, how to use them

There are many types of womens hat styles, which have evolved over time. Here we will see EIGHT evergreen models.

Short brim hat or Trilby

To give her appearance a masculine touch, a woman prefers to wear Trilby hat. The Trilby is a widely worn hat. Wear it in any season, no matter hot or cold, this one will protect your head from sun or cold. You will find it in cotton, felt (ideal for winter) and straw (suitable for use in summer). Choose the material that you like the most and combine it with any of your clothes. 


The Player hat is the same Trilby hat, or at least very similar, but this one has the entire brim tip up. It has a slight fall giving the illusion. It is ideal to wear on a summer afternoon or for a walk. It will give your look a rather casual and relaxed outfit. Given its appearance, women wear it at the back of the head.

Pork pie hat

This hat with a peculiar name alludes to the typical pork pie of English cuisine. It has a flat-shaped crown and the wings are small with minimal elevation all around. Made of felt or straw, it came into use between the 15th and 16th centuries by middle-class Italian youth. Since then, it has occupied an interesting place in the history of the hat.

In the 60 of the 20th century, it became popular among young American fans of gangster culture. They wore suits with hats among which the Porkpie stood out. With the spread of this “tough guy” look across areas like the UK, the porkpie became even more popular among different social classes.

Fedora, Bogart or Borsalino

This very feminine hat called fedora, also known as Borsalino or Bogart in honor of its creator, is the most famous creation of this hat born in Italy. Do you remember the movie Titanic when Rose (Kate) stepped out of the car wearing a hat? 

The fedora is a hat that you can wear both in summer and in autumn. It suits you well with the bohemian, urban and hippie style. Although knowing how to combine it would look good with any look. Whether you are wearing a printed dress with a fitted skirt, shorts and a t-shirt, jeans, a skirt or a cardigan, this hat will look great on you.


The cloche is a hat designed for women in the second decade of the 20th century. It is bell-shaped, with a round crown and short drooping wings. You can wear it with a casual winter outfit with your boots.

Travel hat

The travel hat was exclusively for those who enjoy adventure. Also called traveler or safari, it is a creation originating in Australia. It is a Borsalino hat, except that the front and back brims are dropped to protect the face and the back of the neck from the sun. Wear this hat when trekking, or hiking.

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Bell hat

The bell hat or bowler hat was born in 1920 to satisfy the female demand to look more flirtatious. It became an icon of London culture at the turn of the last century. Related to the Punk movement, it is worn by both men and women. Wear it with formal attire for an edgy look.

Pamela or beach hat

The Pamela, Capelin or beach hat is a basic accessory for women’s wardrobes. Its wing is quite wide, often in excess and with flexibility to create waves, while the cup is round in shape. It is ideal to wear during the summer. Depending on its material and finish, you can wear it to the beach or to a formal daytime event.

Hat etiquette: Very crucial to remember

Although fashion admits almost any combination of garments and styles in today’s world, in the case of the hat, there are still some rules that mark use. So knowing when and how to wear this accessory is essential so as not to be out of context.

The hat is a complement to daytime clothing. It is used for a formal or informal event depending on its design and finish. Unless it is a bell hat that men can wear at a formal evening event in combination with a tailcoat.

Men must remove their hats upon arrival at the event or at certain times that warrant it: a procession, a parade, in church, to greet, etc. Women should never remove their hats, even when they arrive at reception. They are only allowed to take it off during a wedding dance or any other gathering.


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