How To Wear A Perfect Outfit Every Day

How to wear a perfect outfit every day

What kind of image do I want to be associated with? How would I like people see me? As a professional person or as an unemployed bum who lives in his parents’ daybasement and doesn’t care about anything else but eating, sleeping and playing videogames all day long (and watching anime of course).

At this point I think you can already smell the hint. How to wear a perfect outfit every day To be professional, wear clothes which are suitable for a professional person. How to wear a perfect outfit every day If your answer is “One suit and two crappy pairs of trousers” then congratulations. You qualify for actually having a wardrobe! Now all that’s left for you to do is go to an outlet store. Where they sell discounted clothing from last season and get yourself some new clothes. If your budget still doesn’t allow it then just. Go old-school and search online for giveaways or look in the local newspaper classifieds. Especially if you’re a complete fashionista who can’t stand second-hand clothes. They really do have some gems from time to time.

Once you’ve got a couple of outfits. That are suitable for a professional person, it’s time to find out. What goes where and how to combine them. Well crap. You just started reading this article because you wanted to know that as well didn’t you?

Good news, I’m going to tell you now: The basic formula is asscshop two trousers + one jacket + two shirts. Just guess which kind goes with which other kind). How to wear a perfect outfit every day But before I let you go there’s still something important left over: Colors! There are basically three colors which go together every day, regardless of your skin tone or hair color. These colors are: Black, grey and white. If you’re not struggling with finding clothes that aren’t black or grey then it’s time to move. On to the next paragraph.

How do I wear these colors? Let’s make a practical example out of it: 

Also, try wearing this combination of colors with different jackets over the course of few days. You might be surprised how often such things tend to come in handy!

Now, what about those of you who don’t want to dress like a middle aged man. Every day but still prefer something different? In that case there are a ton of other blazer style jackets with slightly. Altered cuts and colors which can spice up your outfit from time to time. Throw in some bolder, red or brown shoes and you should be golden!

But what about those who prefer something more colorful than gray and black combos? Well then it’s time for me to mention the third color: Other than white, muted yellow is the best color ever when we’re talking about ties. And shirts! Just make sure not to go overboard as such combinations can look less. Than decent if done wrong (especially on darker skin tones).

Complement this look with blue pants and voila, How to wear a perfect outfit every day now you’ve got yourself a great summer look! But don’t feel limited to just these colors as there are a ton of other great color combinations out there!

Well, that about wraps up this article. I hope it helped you and if not then feel free to shoot me an email. All the best and stay awesome!

Trouser hem length

For those guys who prefer formal looks, pants should be worn with the hem touching the floor (as long as it doesn’t look like an old man’s pants). The key here is still comfort so don’t worry too much about what others will think, especially since we’re talking about formal wear.

Feel free to experiment

This goes especially for beginners who want to find out what kind of antisocialsocialclubshop style Hoodie their looks and bodies the best. Everyone has different body types so just go ahead and create your own look that’s completely unique! And, most importantly, stand by it no matter what other people think or say about it. In a few years’ time they will envy you for daring to be different instead of following the crowd!

When wearing a suit, make sure it fits

 Especially when we’re talking about formal wear, if your clothes don’t fit then you might as well not wear them at all. It doesn’t matter how much money is in your bank account – if a suit is too short then everyone will notice, no matter how expensive it was

What is good fit?

This means that the clothes are not too tight or baggy on your body, which can make you look either odd or poorly dressed. The perfect way to check if something fits is to grab a jacket’s shoulders and slightly pull it towards you – if there are any wrinkles in the cloth then it doesn’t fit correctly.

No sweatpants

Ever! If you’re going out with friends don’t dress like you’re about to go for a run in the park. Sweatpants just scream “I have no fashion sense” so avoid them at all costs! Also, they will most likely be too loose on your legs which might result in unwanted stains on your clothes.

Shoes are the make or break of any outfit

This goes especially for formal wear where you can’t really go wrong with them (although it is still possible). Don’t make the mistake of wearing new shoes before breaking them in because it will most likely result in blisters or even worse, an injury. Just try to find a good balance between comfort and style; maybe ask yourself if you would wear these shoes everywhere? If not then consider swapping them out with something else.

Dress appropriately for the weather

You don’t want to catch a cold just because you didn’t dress accordingly for the weather now does you? So always put on some clothes that protect against rain or extreme temperatures – you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t catch that flu that’s going around.

Always pick clothes that suit your skin tone!

This is especially important when it comes to formal clothing as there are so many different colors and contrasting looks. If you’re pale then go for lighter clothes, if you’re dark then choose darker ones. And always make sure there aren’t any noticeable contrasts between the color of your face and your neck – this can quickly become a disaster!

Find an occasion to wear what you bought

Otherwise all those new clothes will be nothing more than dust collectors in your closet. Just try creating some opportunities instead of constantly postponing it until “someday”. The truth is that most likely “someday” will never come, so just go and enjoy your new outfit!

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