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Network Monitoring Tools That Are Free and Open-source

Web Care Tools That Are Free and Open:

It is not easy to choose the right online solution for your business. In addition to security, collaboration, ease-of-use, and budget planning, IT professionals and managers need to consider several factors when choosing solutions for their business. Most people perceive business technology solutions to be expensive, but is that always the case? No! When choosing a web monitoring solution, your business should consider several free and open online tools.

Therefore, we have listed the top free and open web resources. Open source licenses permit the installation and use of these devices. If you’re looking to cut costs, you might want to consider them. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind that this may not be suitable for your company.

Free online resource groups offer reduced versions of some resources. The majority of open source development requires some technical knowledge or development experience.

So that you know what free and open-source network monitoring tools each contains, we have summarized the most important parts of each tool.

AppNeta PathTest

PathTest is a free capacity testing tool that will give you the most exact results possible. PathTest gives you a perception of the true maximum capacity of your network, a testing tool for layer 3 and layer 4 execution, and extended, accurate testing beyond some other tools available today.


For a complete network diagramming solution Cacti is an ideal solution. It harnesses the power of RRDTool’s data storage and charting representation. Fast poller, advanced outline templating, different data acquisition steps, and client management are some of the highlights of this Cacti.

All of this is delivered through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that looks good for both small-scale LANs and large networks that have a variety of monitoring tools.

EventSentry Light

EventSentry Light is the freeware version of EventSentryand the successor to EventwatchNT that allows you to review EventSentry for an unlimited time. The Light version still features comparable event log monitoring capabilities as the full version. So your enterprise can accumulate and decipher data from sign-ins on devices related to your network.

Using this tool, you can also monitor service, performance, and hardware failures.

Advanced IP Scanner from Famatech

In addition to providing an analysis of LAN networks and devices, Famatech’s Advanced IP Scanner is a free network monitoring tool. You can use Advanced IP Scanner to scan devices on your network and remotely control computers and nodes connected.

The device can be turned off if it isn’t being used and wasting resources. With the tool, you can manage IPs remotely using Famatech’s Radmin remote IT management solution and network monitoring tools.


Icinga is an open-source network monitoring tool that evaluates performance and availability. You can view hosts and applications across your entire network infrastructure via the web interface.

Using the tool with such a device requires it to be configured. Several Icinga modules are also available for specific monitoring requirements, such as VMWare’s vSphere Cloud Environment Monitoring and Business Process Modeling.


LibreNMS is an open-source network monitoring system that monitors every device on your network using several network protocols. By using the LibreNMS API you can retrieve, manage, and graph the data it gathers, as well as scale-by-level support to develop its monitoring capabilities close to your network. Incorporated in the tool is a modified multitasking alarm system that communicates with you in a way that works best for your company. Native network monitoring tools and apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

LogRhythm NetMon Freemium

The LogRhythm NetMon Freemium version of NetMon provides similar capabilities as the full version for enterprise-level packet capture and analysis. This version provides limited data processing and storage features. With freemium, customers can still perform network threat and response localization based on data packet analysis. You can also keep your network’s performance and network security up-to-date through a full-scale network threat alerting system.

Nagios Core

In addition to Nagios Core, Nagios offers other network monitoring tools and alert applications.

Network performance audits across the entire infrastructure are primarily performed with this tool. Additionally, the Nagios Exchange allows independent add-ons to be added to Nagios Core, the performance verification event processor used by various Nagios products.

Looking for a solution to help you in improving your network performance? Our Network Operations Center Design – contains Best NOC Practices on the top network performance monitor vendors, as well as questions you need to ask vendors and yourself before buying.

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