Sherry Dyson: Is Chris Gardner Currently Married?

Is Sherry Dyson currently married? Chris Gardner is married to Sherry Dyson. Sherry and Chris had been married for nine years. The couple had a son and were living a happy life. However, she decided to cheat on her husband and started an extramarital affair. As a result, she became pregnant. In the following year, she filed for divorce.

Spent Sleepless Nights

Sherry and Chris Gardner were married in 1977, but the couple never had children. The couple had an affair and separated after three years of marriage. Sherry was pregnant during the first pregnancy, but lost the child. While Chris and Sherry were living in different cities, Sherry and Chris spent sleepless nights talking on the phone. Sherry told People that her phone bill once reached $900.

Sherry and Chris did not have any children. Sherry became pregnant with Christopher shortly after their marriage. But she miscarried after their first pregnancy. During this time, Chris was working as a security guard by day and as a teacher at night. After the separation, Gardner and Sherry remained separated. Sherry was still a student in California. It is unknown whether she is pregnant or not.

Wedding Diamond Ring

Sherry and Chris Gardner had a relationship for many years before their marriage. The couple met when they were both attending a summer movie, Summer of ’42. It’s a movie about an older woman and a teenage boy. Sherry fell in love and married him. The two later lived in different cities but kept in touch. Sherry bought her wedding diamond ring on credit, so Chris could use it to repay her debts.

He previously had a daughter with Sherry Dyson while she was still married to Chris Gardner. After the couple separated, sherry Dyson moved to Oakland and the couple had no contact. After the separation, Gardner moved to the Bay Area. Sherry and Chris became friends and eventually separated in 2006. After their marriage, they moved to Oakland. They didn’t have children, but their relationship survived.

Jackie Medina

During his time as a dentist, he was married to Jackie Medina. He was 10 years older than her and sherry Dyson. He subsequently had an affair with Medina and became pregnant. The two split after 3 years of marriage. Sherry and Chris Gardner divorced in 1986. Sherry Dyson’s divorce was final, and they have not been married since.

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner were married for three years. Sherry was four years younger than Chris and they had no children together. Sherry and Gardner had a child, but they had no children. While they were married, they were separated. After their marriage, Sherry had three children and Gardner had an affair with a student. After the divorce, sherry was not able to have a child.

Former Educational Expert

In addition to his acting career, Chris Gardner is a former educational expert who has worked in various fields. Sherry Dyson teaches math at a local college, but they never had a baby. Sherry Gardner and Chris Dyson have separated after three years of marriage. Sherry is a former childbirth educator, and Gardner and Sherry had two children.

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner divorced in 1986. Both were very active in their careers and have two children. Sherry was an education expert. Sherry was a math teacher at college. Sherry also tutored children at Richmond Public Schools. After their divorce, she became pregnant with her husband. They had a child together, Christopher Jarret, but did not have a family.


Sherry Dyson is a mathematician and a mathematics expert. Sherry Dyson is a Virginia native. She married Chris Gardner in 1978. Sherry and Chris were divorced in 1986. The couple had a son named Christopher Jarrett Gardner in 1980. Sherry Dyson and her husband had a son together in 1981. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner divorced after nine years of marriage here.

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